Fast run this morning which felt better than recent days – before breakfast, so less stomach churning – and I wanted to compare the last few fast times and see if I was picking up my pace.  Run Keeper’s record tracking of your best speeds, distances, elevations etc are great – except when GPS goes crazy.  I remembered a run I did early on last year in which I apparently burned up the tarmac (in elaborate zigzags) at about 7 minutes a mile, both astounding my RK friends and permanently rendering me unable to register a better time for real.  Scrolling back to see if I could find and delete this entry, I discovered that tomorrow will be the anniversary of my first run.  I knew it was some time in May, and I’m so glad I didn’t miss it.

The 10th May 2014 saw the beginning of a love affair for me, unexpected and passionate.  Love of the pace, of the push, of the rise and fall as you drive your body around familiar routes.  Love of going further or faster than you could before.  Love of new paths.  Love of space to think.  Love of the enervated heightened energy for the rest of the day after beginning it pounding the pavement.  Love of conquering the internal protest.

The 10th May 2015 was slated as a rest day.  But I think I’ll go for a run.


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