Right Place, Right Time

For the purposes of cheap marketing and easy copy, the papers tell us that today is (pseudo-scientifically) the most depressing day of the year. It’s certainly true that the unseasonably mild weather of last December is a distant memory, as well as the somewhat alternative universe of the Christmas holidays: lie-ins, all day pyjama wearing, Star Wars trilogy marathons, late night board game sessions, where-mulled-wine-becomes-an-acceptable-mid-morning-drink, and super rich, seemingly endless meals*.

Blue Monday, Schmoo Monday

I refuse to cooperate with the marketeers – the apparently interminable freezing, wet and gloomy weather notwithstanding. This morning was just about as cold as any in the last fortnight, and there are a lot of bugs around. My usually bionic husband was ill this weekend, and I can’t quite throw off a cough which has hung around since mid December.

I’m fighting the viral nasties witFullSizeRenderh 600ml of fresh fruit and veg juice everyday – I’ve been adding this into my daily routine since early last autumn, not as a juice fast, or cleanse, or any kind of dietary supplement, just to augment the vitamins I already get in my three daily meals. Today’s murky weather called for something even more rocket fuelled and Vit C fierce than usual, so I went for frozen mango, papaya and pineapple, orange and lemon juice, a large carrot and 50g of root ginger. Takes the roof off your mouth, but it’s keeping me warm whilst I type…

As for the day? Like all high-vis compression sock wearing enthusiasts, I could take only one approach: still not signed off by physio for actual running yet (if we’re not counting a few cheeky jogs back from the school run – and we’re definitely not counting that, especially when we see the physio tomorrow) it’s time to embrace the bike.

Having avoided my two-wheeled friend since last summer (I’m basically a fair weather cyclist) my tyres were a little flat, figuratively and literally. But a hearty slog to Pilates and back, and I’m pink cheeked, limber and ready for a productive week. We can wait for a more auspicious date, persuade ourselves out of a run, an exercise class, or perhaps pursuing that tough project we’re a little bit intimidated by…

…Or make a decision to ignore the external season, and be directed by that internal calendar which is measuring out our lives in sweat, words, miles, cups of tea, and love. Today (in the rain) could be the best day of your year. On yer bike!


On a not-run back from dropping the kids at school, on a cold but beautifully frosty morning last week

*the pyjama wearing and massive film fests were mostly the children; mulled wine all me.



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