Runuary Update – the streak is on…

A short post this week, basically because I’m so brimming with things to write that I just need to get this one in the bag. (Sometimes, done is better than good, remember?)

So – January running streak. 31 days in (33, if we’re counting December 30th & 31st – and yes, we are counting them), 121 miles total; 115 miles for January. And here’s the news: running daily is just as liberating and exhilarating as I’d hoped.

Things I’ve noticed this first #runningstreak month:

  • It’s been unexpectedly empowering. Far from my old anxieties about overtraining, injury, imbalance, I’m feeling stronger than I’ve ever felt before. I’ve had a nasty bug for basically the whole month, involving headaches, coughing, plenty of gunk and significant Kleenex investment – and yet my actual body (if you discount the head bit) feels fit and powerful.
  • I’m hungry. Really hungry. Horse-eating levels.
  • I’m washing a lot more kit. I’m starting to realise why runners talk so much about buying new gear, now I’m going out 7 days in 7, rather than just 3 or 4.
  • Sometimes my legs are tired. There are runs when I feel like I can barely get going for the first mile; but it never lasts, and generally I’m maintaining a happy pace, overall getting faster (I think – see below).
  • I’m less bothered about whether I’m going fast. I check times and distances in a much more detached way, because I know that I’m solidly doing the work, and if today was a bit slow, hey, I’ll pick it up tomorrow.
  • Cramp in my hamstrings. That’s new, and not especially cool. (So far the foam roller seems to do the trick.)
  • I’m still always seduced by that extra mile. Even after two 10ks back to back at the end of last week, I found it hard to stop after a quick 2 miler the following day.
  • Running this often means that my brain is buzzing with things to write. So you can expect the posts to notch up along with the miles…


PS – can’t write a post about a running streak without mentioning the wonderful, inspirational Ron Hill. His 19,032 day streak finished this Saturday, 28th January, at 78 years old. At the KHVIII Relay Race a few years ago (which my husband, Tom, organises, and I’ll be cheering along this afternoon) Ron was the guest speaker. Chatting about his streak with Tom, he was explaining the many different ways he made sure he ran his minimum mile a day even, when travelling – running around airport walkways if necessary! A genuine running legend, and great man. Hope he feels well enough to run again soon.

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