On the Docket

My aims for 2017

Running Free

I’ve found a great deal of freedom in not training for specific races this year, and so I’m continuing with a pretty relaxed schedule: running 3 times a week when I can (work / family sometimes means I have to ditch it), and then once more at a gentle pace on the weekend with one of my children. This fits in well with all of my current running goals.

Writing about Reading

So my focus this coming year is on building the ‘words’ element of Running Away with Words – I have a stack of books which I’ve committed to review for you over the next few months (not necessarily in the order below…)


Scone With The Wind by Miss Victoria Sponge (Virgin Books 2015)

Words and Rules by Steven Pinker (Phoenix 1999)

Your Pace or Mine by Lisa Jackson (Summersdale 2016)

Bounce by Matthew Syed (Fourth Estate 2011)

The Sellout by Paul Beatty (Oneworld 2015)

Grit by Angela Duckworth (Vermillion 2016)

My aims for 2016

Learning to run injury free

After a tough year for the second half of 2015, having to bail on my Birmingham Half Marathon goal, and completely stop running for a while, I’m aiming to get stronger and stay fitter this year. I’ve chosen not to sign up for any races so far, and instead focus on building up my lower body strength and finding a sustainable pattern of training.

Update – finally signed off by my lovely Physios this Tuesday 10th May, after my latest appointment, which was somewhat briefer than ususal:

Physio #1 “how are you feeling?”

Me “pretty good, ran a 10k on Saturday and 4 miles yesterday, and no pain”

Physio #1 & Physio #2 *high five*

Running with my children

Two of my four children are quite keen runners – my daughter (pictured below, running the Coventry Schools Challenge last month) enjoys the freedom and adrenalin of it, and my son and I find it’s a great way to hang out together and chat (that is, when we’re not watching The West Wing or Dr Who together). I want to encourage them as much as I can, and this year of more relaxed running should be a great opportunity to do it.


Just maybe…

Depending on my progress, I love the idea of training for the Coventry Half Marathon next March. (Yes, I know that’s actually 2017…) I don’t know if I have that distance in me – it was my last half marathon training which jiggered that knee – but if I can find a lower key to train in, I may just manage it.


After getting steadily back into the swing of things, and watching lots of amazing people marathoning this year, I am feeling the call of the long run. We’ll see…

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